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Kimberly's dream is to truly make a difference in this world through music. Performing is something she deeply enjoys, and she hopes to spread her love for music to every person that she can. She believes that music can touch the hearts and souls of everyone, so she hopes she can do this through her videos. Please enjoy subscribe to her YouTube channel (Kimberly Hope Music - Violinist) for more!

Shine - Kimberly Hope (Original Song)
Kimberly Hope Music - Violinist

Shine - Kimberly Hope (Original Song)

Aloha friends! I'm so excited to share the music video for my original song "Shine" with you all! This song is a reminder that we all have a bright light within each one of us. I hope the music will inspire you to be the best person you can be, to share your special talents with the world, and most importantly, to spread love and light to others. I want to thank Tab Matsumoto, Bailie Jae, and my parents for helping to shoot the video! And thank you all so much for watching! You can purchase "Shine" here: CDBABY: ITUNES: AMAZON: SPOTIFY: Drone Videography/Photography by Tab Matsumoto: INSTAGRAM: tmats808 Videography/Photography/Makeup by Bailie Jae: INSTAGRAM: makeup_bailiejae Kimberly Hope: BOOKING EMAIL: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: PERISCOPE: Kimberly Hope Music ——— My name is Kimberly Hope and I play the violin/electric violin. Even though I was classically trained since age 10, I enjoy playing many genres of music (pop, rock, fiddle, oldies, classical, soundtrack, Lindsey Stirling's dubstep violin music, etc.) and play at all sorts of events professionally (art walks, weddings, festivals, restaurants, parties, etc.). I’m also working on an album of original songs, so stay tuned for that! I truly believe that music can heal all. Through it, we have the power to transcend all barriers and come together, touching the hearts and souls of everyone. Because of this, performing is something I deeply enjoy, and I hope to spread my love for music to every person that I can, especially through my videos and other social media. So thank you for supporting my dream of connecting and uniting the world through the healing power of music. I am in love with all things Lindsey Stirling. She has inspired me so much! She makes me want to be the best performer I can be, and I one day hope to be a well-known artist like her. Please subscribe, like, comment, and share my videos! Thank you so much for watching! Lots of Love, Kim



"I met Kim while in beautiful Kauai on vacation and was immediately drawn to her music during a street fair. Not only was her music vibrant, but I was amazed at the passion she had and the expressions on her face when she played, showing utter joy in entertaining others. I’ve since kept track of Kim’s music on YouTube, where she has many amazing violin video covers, lessons and original music. Anywhere from being chased by her dark twin in her original song “Haunted” to her breathtaking (and my favorite original) “Shine”, Kim’s music and videos will blow you away. She recently started doing live YouTube streams during COVID and they have been a blast! I have had two songs she’s learned to play per my request, Bravehart’s “For the Love of a Princess” and the theme song from Rudy; both moved me emotionally and were an absolute joy to watch. Kim is also a talented teacher and a breath of positivity that will brighten anyone’s day. I highly recommend her for any hired performances and I know you will love her music as much as I do!" ~Steven Shepard


"I thank God for you and your music. My wife passed away in February of this year. You’re music has helped me through this dark time. I eagerly await your live stream each month. Your concert is the highlight of my month. I love your original music. You bring such joy and skill to your talent. It’s so refreshing to me.  The joy that your craft brings you is so apparent as you play.  That joy passes on me as I listen. Keep up the good work! ~Sidney Green


"Kim is one of my favorite violinists on YouTube.  I came across her channel two years ago when looking for musicians who played Lindsey Stirling covers.  No matter which Lindsey Stirling song I searched on YouTube, Kimberly's music video was usually one of the first to pop up. When I watched her videos, she sounded so much like Lindsey that I felt as though I was watching a Lindsey Stirling concert! 

After subscribing, I found that Kimberly's videos and live streams motivate me to practice and try out fun and creative ways to play the violin.  One of Kim's videos that inspires me is her performance at the Eleele School Christmas program, where her music captured the attention of 400 children. I was very impressed by the way that all of them started singing along to her playing and really seemed to enjoy the music in the moment. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has been one the hardest times for everyone, but Kim's live streams have given me new purpose and motivation to learn new pieces.  During her streams, she kindly shares stories about violin techniques and how she puts together songs that she learns.  Every time she streams, it is usually 2 am in the U.K., but I set an alarm to wake up because I look forward to watching how humble she is when playing the pieces requested by her audiences on the violin. During her monthly live streams, she usually plays eight to ten new songs in addition to countless others, and this is not an easy task for a person to accomplish.  I am very fortunate that my love for music has grown tremendously in the last couple of months, thanks to Kimberly Hope."  

Kind Regards,

Tharan, B.arch, (adult violin beginner), 25, India


"Kim has the talent to entertain her followers not only in Hawaii but many other parts of world. Kim also teaches whoever wants to learn how to play the violin. Her parents Tom and Sharon support her to attain her musical dream. What positive efforts. Kim knows what she has to do to make it, and I wish her the best!" ~Peter Soares, Las Vegas


"I was fortunate to have someone share Kimberly's performance, on a different app, with me about four or five years ago. I was hooked from day one. Back then, many of her livestream performances started about the time I was going to bed. I would listen as I fell asleep because her music was very relaxing. Some day I hope to be able to see her perform in person. Keep up the great music, Kimberly." ~Chief, North Carolina



"I am Siddharth Slathia, a singer-composer from India. I also upload covers of popular Bollywood/Indian songs on YouTube. About six years ago, I randomly came across Kimberly's YouTube channel and was awestruck with not just her musical talent but also the presence and aura she had in her videos. I immediately thought it would be awesome to collaborate with her on an Indian song. So I wrote to her with my plan and she was very kind in accepting my request. Even though she had no idea what the lyrics meant, we collaborated on a song I suggested.  All I told her was that it was a romantic song and that I wanted her to compose something accordingly on her violin. I wanted to keep the details very brief because I didn't want her to have any pre-conceived ideas and the plan worked! She was super-awesome in her work and added a great deal of value to the audio as well as the video. We uploaded the video on YouTube and it went viral all over India! We were being covered by national newspapers, radio and TV news channels. We also collaborated on one more song and that collaboration was equally amazing. Kimberly is a super-talented musician with an amazing work ethic. She is friendly, down to earth, timely and also has valuable inputs. She is a star! I wish her all the luck and success in the world." ~Siddharth Slathia, India


"I'm a pianist from Pakistan and I got in touch with Kimberly by coming across her melodious videos on Instagram. So far, I've gotten a chance to collaborate with her twice and the experience has been wonderful! Kimberly is not only an amazing violinist but a very humble person with a professional work ethic! I wish her all the best in her future endeavors! Keep shining Kimberly!" ~Umair Mehmood, Pakistan


"Kimberly was awesome to work with on our collaboration cover of "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish.  We bounced ideas back and forth and I really admire her talent and input for our finished product.  She played her parts perfectly and made it her own at the same time.  She was really focused on getting all the details to perfection, and her smile and camera presence is so infectious!  I've been following Kimberly on her YouTube channel and her Instagram for a while now, and I've always enjoyed her work, especially her original pieces.  Here's to hoping to see more from you in the coming months and working on another project together very soon." ~Michelle Jin, US

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